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Grasping and manipulation
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Grasping and manipulation 목록
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Service robot that recognizes the environment and performs a given task                              (Collaboration with the project teams)

Purpose of research

Development of robotic work control technology capable of grasping and manipulating various objects in everyday life environment based on multimodal recognition and using tools.

Research content
  • Developing of a robot gripper that can grasp irregular-shaped objects as well as regular objects.
  • Developing of an anthropomorphic robot hand with multiple degree of freedom.
  • Research on omnidirectional mobile robot designing, controlling, and application.
  • Research on path planning for mobile robot and motion planning for dual-arm robot.
  • Research on object grasping and tool application technology based on multimodal sensing technology.
Research method
  • A developed robotic finger consists of a five-bar linkage and double parallelogram linkage.
  • A developed robotic gripper is designed using the underactuated system by mounting the mechanical passive elements.
  • The developed gripper is installed additional actuators for the independent pinching motion for each fingertip.
Research method
  • Robot hand and wrist design for installation of driving part to the forearm part.
  • When the flexible cylinder is curved, the embedded wires become slack or taut in length.
  • Application of helix structure to the wrist structure.
Research method
  • Grasping score calculation algorithm using Grasp Wrench Space.
  • Grasp-RRT planner to grip objects and generate path.
Research content
  • Research on work scenarios using multimodal sensing technologies such as vision, contact, and tactile sensors and using various robot hands.